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Messer Hunting is a group of experts in the field of tourism and hunting.

Our professionalism, numerous years in the business and the knowledge of the specifics of the trade is a solid foundation for organising hunting trips. The true joy we experience working in that field allows us to create a special, yet competent relation with our customers, that in many cases become friends of our whole team.


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The core of our offer, without a doubt, are breathtaking individual hunts for roebucks, red stags and all the action you can imagine, during driven hunts for wild boars and other big game.

We organise individual hunts for less common species in Poland and other European destinations. Amongst our offers you will be able to find hunts for fallow deer, mouflon, sika deer, wild boars and non-trophy game in Poland, Germany, Hungary, Romania and Austria. We have organised many successful trips to more exotic lands, such as Africa, Canada, Greenland. Various contacts with outfitters all around the world allow us to organise expeditions for even the most demanding huntsman and the most rare species you can find.

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If you are in need of our basic terms and pricelists, you will be able to find them in this section.

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If the information on the website is not sufficient, feel free to ask us anything using the contact form given below. You can also contact anyone from our team, from the list given below.