We have been sending our customers to Greenland for many years. This beautiful, yet harsh and wild country, offers the hunting experience in Arctica. The best known and most popular species you can hunt in Greenland is the Musk ox. This majestic, one of a kind animal, lures hunters from all around the world. Greenlands wildlife offers the chance to hunt also the following animals : reindeer, polar fox, arctic hare, white grouse. You can also get a bit lucky and meet the rare polar bear, there is still quite a few in Greenland.

Depending on the season, weather and snow coverage, it is possible to combine hunting with a little but of fishing, both off and on-shore. We organize the hunts in the winter and in the summer. During the latter, temperature is much more friendly, but the lack of snow means we can not use snow mobiles and ATVs, this eventually requires more stalking and shooting from bigger distances. During winter, in March and April the temperatures drop to -15/-25 Celsius degrees and gets much colder than that at night. The air humidity is quite low, which effectively makes the frost bearable, but proper winter gear is a must!

Low temperature and constantly changing weather becomes a challenge, but on the upside, snow cover allows for the use of ATVs. This means you can get much closer to the game than during the summer hunts. The hunts usually take three days and most often it will be enough to fulfill the shooting plan. Sometimes it might happen that due to the weather it is not possible to go out for a day or two, all this needs to be taken under considerations while planning your trip.

The winter season is quite shot in terms of hunting, at the same time the demand is very big. You need to plan your adventure well in advance. Maximum group size is four hunters. There is a four hour time zone difference, a typical flight from CPH airport is 4.20-4.40h.