Poland is an acknowledged hunting destination to people all over the world. It has been offering great hunting, for various species of game, for many years. Starting from partridges, hares and pheasants, which it was famous for in the seventies of the last century, through still developing, along with the growth of the population, hunting for big game. One can meet royal game, such as wisent, moose (which are subject to a temporary moratorium), wonderful hunting for red deer stags, the strongest in Europe Sika deer in the beautiful hunting grounds of the Elbląg Upland, constantly improving in quality, fallow deer stags in many hunting grounds in Poland and roe deer found throughout the country.

There also is a possibility to hunt black game, mouflons found in the Sudetes and wild boars commonly found throughout the country. We also have numerous predator populations, from bears and wolves under complete protection, through popular game species such as: foxes, raccoon dogs, badgers, martens, mink and new species migrating to Poland, such as the golden jackal and raccoon.

The territory of Poland, with an area of ​​over 312,000 square km, is divided into more than 4,700 hunting districts managed by hunting clubs associated in the Polish Hunting Association or within the administration of the State Forests. The variety and depth of Polish hunting grounds, guarantee a great adventure and a very good chance to bag a wonderful, often medal-winning trophy.