In pursuit of the wild




The core of our offer, without a doubt, are breathtaking individual hunts for roebucks, red stags and all the action you can imagine, during driven hunts for wild boars and other big game.

We organise individual hunts for less common species in Poland and other European destinations. Amongst our offers you will be able to find hunts for fallow deer, mouflon, sika deer, wild boars and non-trophy game in Poland, Germany, Hungary, Romania and Austria. We have organised many successful trips to more exotic lands, such as Africa, Canada, Greenland. Various contacts with outfitters all around the world allow us to organise expeditions for even the most demanding huntsman and the most rare species you can find.


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About Us

Messer Hunting is a group of experts in the field of tourism and hunting.

Why choose Messer Hunting?

We are the first and up to now the only company set in Denmark, according to danish law, having its roots in Poland – country, which is the most popular destination among european hunters. Our polish organisation has been acting on the market for over 20 years. The same team using mutual tools, contacts and sources of information, works directly for your and outfitters benefit, allowing a smooth planning and execution of planned adventures.

We are an international, multigenerational team, having various education, achievements in business and life experience. We know the market and most of us have spent many years organizing hunting trips in places located all over the world.

Tradition in cooperation with companies and clients from Scandinavia, cultivated in Poland since 1978. Knowledge of expectations, rules and local customs.

We are open to our clients’ ideas of modifying proposed hunting programs, adjust  them to individual expectation, enrich with new experiences. 

Longlasting business bond with the oldest hunting company located in Denmark, led by Korsholm family since 1912, which results in bilateral trust, friendship and allows us to lead our office in the shop in Skjern (Jutland).

Our proposal tends not only to fulfill hunting ambition, but also unconventional activity and adventure based on nature, diverse cultures, customs, sometimes creating a unique network, which opens up new business or life opportunities.


If the information on the website is not sufficient, feel free to ask us anything using the contact form given below. You can also contact anyone from our team, from the list given below.

Brian Madsen

Sales Manager

Wojtek Cieślak

Chief Customer Officer

Jens Koefoed

Travel Coordinator

Mogens Kristensen

Travel Coordinator

Anna Rakowska

Administrative Manager

Dariusz Pleśniak

Chief Financial Officer

Paweł Świerk

Chief Executive Officer