Canada is the land of opportunities when it comes to making your hunting dreams come true. Wild and diverse nature, vast areas is something you can not try in Europe. It is a country for globetrotters, gold diggers, fisherman, hunters, hikers and all other sorts of outdoor enthusiasts. It is probably the only country in the world where a rifle is considered to be part of your hiking gear, no different than a tent or a fishing rod, that means very hunter-friendly.

The list of hunting species is long and as diverse as the nature itself. You may choose from polar bears, brown bears, black bears, mountain lions, Shiraz, mountain goats, musk ox, white-tale deer and many more.  Our partners present the highest levels of ethics and professionalism you can get. This ensures a successful hunt and a lifetime experience. Depending on what your hunting goal is, you will be traveling through prairies, tundra, bush, lush forests of the Vancouver Island, the Rocky Mountains or even the Arctic itself. There are dreams awaiting for each and everyone.