Spain – a country in the west of southern Europe, mainly located on the Iberian peninsula, also including Baleares on the Mediterranean, Canary and a number of smaller islands and also areas in north Africa. Spain is a highland mountain country, 90% of the total territory (505,944 km2) is covered by highlands and mountains. The north part of Spain is dominated by deciduous forests, the south – coniferous green enclaves of forests with cork oak, olive and pines.

Spain is a home for plenty pieces of wild games. We can distinguish here four sub-species of Iberian Ibex, wild sheep-aoudad sheep, and also wild goat, red deer, fallow deer, wild boar, lynx and mouflons. One of the most unique and characteristic sub-species of wild goat – Balearian bock is typical for Balearian islands. Spain offers both individual and driven hunts known as Monteria. Among popular individual hunts we can distinguish Iberian Ibex: Ronda, Sierra Nevada, Beceite and Gredos. Equally exciting hunts are, wild sheep hunts. The species is known as in the high mountains aoudad sheep. Hunting organization in Spain stands on a very high level. The areas belong both to private and public sectors, leased by hunting clubs. There are many hunting areas situated in national parks, which are managed by professional employees. The great sub-tropical climate guarantees almost always good, sunny weather. This factor as well as professionalism make each hunt ends with a success. Once you go hunting to Spain, you will be soon back again.