Canada, the second biggest country in the world (9,984,670 sq km), is located in North America. It spreads from the Atlantic ocean on east, the Pacific ocean on west and the Arctic ocean in north. Thanks to huge, wild territories, which one can’t find anywhere in Europe, Canada can make your hunting dream come true.

The list of wild game species of Canada is very long and diverse, starting with polar bears, brown bears – grizzly, black bears – baribales, cougars, wolves, polar wolves, lynxes, bobcats, foxes, especially polar foxes, wolverines, canadian mooses and their coastal sub-species shiras, white-tailed deer, mule deers, mountain goats, wild mountain sheep and sea fauna representatives like seals, sea lions and narwales. Variety of areas allows to adjust the hunting offer to the expectations and possibilities of the customer.

The areas in Canada differs from the preria, through the forests of the Vancouver island, the canadian bush, the tundra, the wild rocky mountain, to the arctic landscape. The country is very friendly to hunters, fishers and outdoor lovers. Many europeans and hunters from the USA and other continents decide to go to Canada often with their family.

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