Poland is a country located in Central Europe between the Baltic Sea in the north and the Carpathian Chain in the south. The area of the country – 312,000 sq. km is divided into hunting areas, of which 4,766 are leased by 2,500 hunting clubs. Other districts belong to the state forests and also the polish hunting association runs 43 animal breeding centers. Huntings take place in the whole country.

The most numerous group of wild game in Poland are roe deers and wild boars. Red stag hunt is also in high demand, of which there are much fewer, and also for sika stags or muflones. Hunting season begins on may 11. One can hunt roebucks and boars. From September for red stags and fallow stags, and from October for sika deer and muflones. Boars can be hunted all year round, and non-trophy animals from September (deer, fallow) and October (sika, muflons).

Hunting in Poland takes place in principle in two variants: individual and driven hunt. While individual hunts take place all year round, driven hunts take place between in October and half January, when the period of hunting for the majority of animals is ended.