Romania offers one of greatest hunting area in Europe, especially in the part called Transylvanian, her we have a fantastic Roebuck hunt with all qualities of trophy’s, especially in the Valley of the Mures River the roebuck hunt is fantastic.

Here we also have some of the best hunting for the Carpathian red stag in the hill / mountain areas and here we often take medal class trophy’s, and in the western part of Transylvanian we have a very nice and big population of Fallows in the area we call the Fallow Paradis, this area is close to the border of Hungary.

In some of the highest mountain ranges in Transylvanian we also have the Carpathian Chamois, the biggest animal of all the Chamois species all over the world is the Carpathian Chamois
Wild boars are all over the country and mostly hunted in the wintertime on the driven hunts, but the big male wild boars, the Keiler, are often hunted from High seat or as walk and stalk Romania / Transylvanian also have the biggest population of the European Brown bear and a very big population of Wolf. But both species are 100 % protected right now and therefor no possibility to get licenses for these 2 species right now, but just to know that both species are around and often seen by hunters one a morning or evening walk and stalk for the roebucks or red stags makes the hunt in Transylvania to a bigger adventure.

In Romania all hunting rights belong to the state, and during the communist time it was only the big bosses who had the rights to hunt. And the old dictator is the person in the world who has shot most bears at all a very big part of the hunting grounds are rented by local clubs, and they get shooting plan every year from the government, so to pay for this hunting right to the government, they sell to us every year a number of Roebucks – Red stags – fallow and wild boars, so that they with this income can pay for the hunting rights, after all clients from all over the world has been there the club members can hunt and in this way the shooting plan can be for filled. There are almost no private hunting grounds in Romania

flights into Romania is normally done true a few international airports, there is daylight flights to Bucharest from the most capitals in Europe, the easiest way into Transylvanian is flight to Sibui or Cluje Napoca or Tirgu- Mures, from these 3 airports you will be able to reach the most hunting areas in 2 to 4 hours driving. We always make sure that there is an English-speaking person in the airport to meet our clients and this local person will be around the hunter / group during the whole trip and in the most cashes this person is also the driver who takes care of the transfer between the airport and accommodation. The local hunting guides do normally not speak English, but only Hungarian or Romanian