Hungary is an European land located country with an area of 93,030 km2, located on the Pannonian Basin, which offers fantastic hunting opportunities. More than 700 hunting clubs belonging to the Hungarian Hunting Association, rent hunting areas throughout the whole country . As Hungary is rich of wild games, so the hunts take place almost in every part of the country. Traditional hunting background and skills have been cultivated by Hungarian hunters for centuries.

Hungary is famous for very strong population of roebucks, red and fallow stags. For coming hunters there is a significant chance to trace a buck of weight exceeding 500 gram net or red stag trophy exceeding 10kg and fallow stag exceeding 4,5kg. Moreover hunting mouflons and wild boars belong to the most popular hunts as well. On the territory of Hungary a lot of professional and successful pheasants, wild ducks, partridges and pigeons hunts take place also. The country is famous for organizing small game hunting, especially hare hunting which belongs to most exciting and very demanding. Many lakes located on the territory of Hungary constitute a paradise for fishing.

Just like in other European countries, both individual (stalking and hunting from high seats) and driven hunts are organized in Hungary. As mentioned above, hunting hares seems to distinguish this region among others, so the popularity of this activity grows rapidly. The hunting season starts in October just like hunting pheasants. Roebuck hunts start in May, red stags – in September and mouflons, as well as fallow stags – in October.

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